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Things To Consider When Choosing A Diet

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Personally, I feel that most ways of eating are great, but not great for every individual person. All diets have their pros, cons, and merits but at the end of the day need to work with your life. `

There’s a few things you want to consider when choosing your perfect type of eating: cost/budget, physical response to the foods you’re eating, lifestyle/level of physical activity, free time, or set up meals/services like Nutrisystem.


Two things that can influence cost: caloric density and quality. Most of the time, a higher quality, more ethically sourced food will come with a steeper price point; unless provided through a co-op or non-profit food coalition.

A diet that is higher in fat (keto for example) may be on the less expensive side. 1g of fat has more than 2x the calories than that of a carb or protein meaning less food to hit the same calorie count. This in turn means you may spend less shopping as you’d be buying less food.

Physical Response

Disclaimer; I’m going to use myself as an example here. I’ve tried most of the common meal plans- keto, mediterranean, paleo, instinctive eating and keto trumps them all; for me.

For whatever reason I experience less bloating, better fulfillment, improved energy, and more focus on keto than when I consume carbs. Carbs also trigger a desire to overeat in me and end up taking too many calories in due to lack of satiation. This is a bad combination for someone once obese. But hey, who doesn’t like a slice or 7 of pizza from time to time?

All that being said, I have friends who despise keto as their stomachs don’t do well with the high fat content of that way of eating.

Time Commitment

This one’s easy. If you do not have a ton of free time, you may shy away from diets that are high in prep time; usually meaning a more whole foods diet that requires chopping, mixing, cooking, etc. There are options to mitigate this like grab-n-go meals or a meal service; these typically come with a high price point than purchasing/prepping the ingredients yourself however are hyper convenient.

Meal Services

I mentioned prior a service such as Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem is 28 day program designed to aid weight loss at a sustainable pace that provides pre-made meals to you through the mail. This service is nice as you can choose the foods you eat from a long list; meaning you can make it fit to whichever type of “diet” you’d like.

Pricing varies based on the plan you go with as well as the foods you choose. Nutrisystem costs range from $11/day to $15/day. For a more accurate look at pricing, you’d want to hop on to their site and see what they have to offer and how it responds with your lifestyle.

Does it Work?

These are just a few items out of a long list of things to consider when looking to sample a new way of eating. Overall, make sure it works with your lifestyle and that you enjoy what you’re eating. We’re significantly more likely to continue consuming foods that we enjoy.