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Cambrian House began as a crowdsourcing community using a wisdom of crowds based approach to discover new business and technology ideas. These pages are being kept online as a technology demo to showcase Chaordix™.

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Search Term: 3d

Related tags: graphics design animation game designer video

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Nickname Location Tags Last Login
jdf883dhf 7 years
xwadex Toronto / Lion's Head 3d modeler 7 years
Moogy Montreal, Quebec, CA 3d animation audio ... 7 years
Umagoo Ca├žapava, Sao Paulo, BR 3d algels angeles ... 7 years
Cory_Ross Clearfield, Utah, US 3d 2d adonet ... 7 years
Nebuk Helsinki, FI 3d 2d design ... 7 years
thaisie Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, NL 3d advertising animation ... 7 years
dancompucall 3d printer printers ... 8 years
Takujii Calgary, AB, CA 3d animator calgary ... 8 years
Behn Calgary, Ab, CA 3d cad design ... 8 years
LiamG Toronto, Ontario, CA 3d arts digital ... 8 years
Derang3d 8 years
Beyond_Gamer Charlottetown, PEI, CA 3d artist design ... 8 years
Alx Calgary, Alberta, CA 3d autocad design ... 8 years
GordonPusnik Vermilion Bay, Ontario, CA 3d 2d audio ... 8 years
moverend Calgary, Alberta, CA 3d advertising animation ... 8 years
binaryhylo Michigan, US 3d graphics 8 years
Alexstraz 3d administrator animation ... 8 years
Belanger Vancouver, BC, CA 3d animation blender ... 8 years
futnuh 3d calgary computer-graphics ... 8 years
snowzerko Beaverton, OR, US 3d cars computer ... 8 years
Kunoichi 3d 8 years
DAMNIAN El Paso, Texas, US 3d animator modeler 9 years
Da_Vincis_Erbe Hamburg, Hamburg, DE 3d cinema4d coreldraw ... 9 years
Goulu Satigny, Geneva, CH 3d algorithms cad ... 9 years


Title Business Tags Job Age
Need a 3d graphics designer knightlife 9 years, 1 month
3D designer gamesmods 3d designer mash 9 years, 2 months
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