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If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is just one more step forward.
Thomas Edison

Cambrian House began as a crowdsourcing community using a wisdom of crowds based approach to discover new business and technology ideas. These pages are being kept online as a technology demo to showcase Chaordix™.

Looking to harness the power of your crowd? Find out about Chaordix™ - technology that enables enterprises to get the most out of crowdsourcing.


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Location: Redcliff, AB, CA

Member Since: Jan 16, 2008

If you screw up, make it really, really good.


Born a lazy man, Bagger was forced into a life of work. I hope to let my personality and hard work raise me to a level where I really don't have to work. Everything works in a circle-- I hope.

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GroundLoad Posted: Jan 17, 2008, 10:15 am

Welcome to Cambrian House !