You've landed in the archive of the Cambrian House community. We've kept some pages here for posterity but the community is no longer active. Now we market the technology that made our early crowdsourcing a success.

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Cambrian House

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.
Henry Ford

Cambrian House began as a crowdsourcing community using a wisdom of crowds based approach to discover new business and technology ideas. These pages are being kept online as a technology demo to showcase Chaordix™.

Looking to harness the power of your crowd? Find out about Chaordix™ - technology that enables enterprises to get the most out of crowdsourcing.

How it Works

How it Works

Wisdom&Participation of Crowds

Crowdsourcing is when people gather via the Internet to create something and share in the profit, often without ever meeting each other in person. Cambrian House is a community that enables people and businesses to harness the wisdom and participation of crowds – for commerce.

Crowdsourcing 101

Join the Cambrian House Community to connect with like-minded members and befriend people who have skills or resources you’re looking for to execute your ideas.

You think it

You think it

Most aspiring entrepreneurs and armchair innovators have more ideas than resources. Why let the fruits of your genius languish on the vine? They're yours to grow. Put them in play. Read more.
We test it

Crowds test it

But don't buy that Mercedes just yet. Before you greenlight production, run your freshly baked ideas through the consumer gauntlet. Flourish or flounder? What does the market say? Read more.
Community builds it

Crowds Build It And Fund It

With the help of the community, turn your idea into reality. Contributors take their pick of exciting projects, and in return, you issue them a piece of the royalty pie or pay them outright. Read more.
We sell it

You sell it

Show time! YourIdea 1.0 hits the virtual shelves with the marketing muscle of Cambrian House community members. Read more.
You profit

You profit

When we say "every contributor benefits," we don't mean warm and fuzzy feelings. We mean real money. When you collaborate with other Cambrian House members, you'll get paid in Royalty Points and/or Cambros. Read more.

Not sure how to get started?

Check out our blog post about how to build your idea or business in the community.