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IdeaWarz Weekly Winner - Sir Kit’s Adventures in Logic Land

We’ve often said here at Cambrian House, if there’s a guy who deserves to win IdeaWarz, its CyberCerberus. Sometimes I say that to Blue while I’m voting down one of CC’s ideas. Then I emit an evil chuckle.

But not this week!

CyberCerberus’s winning idea, “Sir Kit’s Adventures in Logic Land” is inspired by the classic Apple II game “Rocky’s Boots”.

For those unfamiliar with Rocky’s Boots, it was a game in which children walked a sprite character around and picked up logic gates, hooked them together, and built “machines” that actually showed the flow of logic through them onscreen in an entertaining way. This was a clever method of teaching young kids fairly sophisticated logic (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) and would be easy to replicate today using Flash or any other visual system.

Rocky's Boots Screeshot

The remake wouldn’t be Rocky’s Boots with newer graphics: It would be a whole new premise, new characters, etc. What would be the same is the concept of teaching logic by moving around and visually assembling logical components on the screen.

Teaching children, eh? Is that what its now come to? Training them how to solve logic puzzles? Making them smarter? Hasn’t CyberCerberus ever seen Children of the Corn!?!

Congratulations CyberCerberus, on not just offering up an excellent project idea, but mapping out how you plan to crowdsource it… and cozying up with the community by the fireplace.

Ccozad’s Brainstorm

Google has announced their Android Platform for mobile devices. This competes with Sun’s J2ME and Java FX as a platform for creating mobile applications.

All these platforms are Java based, so there will probably be a lot of porting of existing applications to Android. But the big opportunity will be to develop a new Android application which takes advantage of features not available on J2ME or Java FX. Ever since Cambrian House started accepting idea submissions, we’ve seen a steady cellphone-this and mobile-that. People have plenty of great ideas for how to make cellphones more interesting, but could not be practically implemented by anyone but hardware manufacturers and telcos.

Android does not differentiate between the phone’s basic and third-party applications — even the dialer or home screen can be replaced.

What applications were impossible or impractical before which Android now enables? With that in mind, check out Ccozad’s project to crowdsource an Android contest submission. Ccozad wants to compete for one of Google’s prizes of $25,000 for the best mobile applications built on the Android platform.

Maybe reviewing Android capabilities and then brainstorming on what is now possible is the best approach. Or… maybe looking through Cambrian House’s catalog of mobile device ideas and finding a great idea which could not be implemented due to platform limitations is the way to go.

For now, let make this thread where Android ideas can be discussed (if you don’t want to submit an Android idea to the usual IdeaWarz process).

FilmRiot Soft Launch

AndyDoan and DonH have launched FilmRiot.com! At the nearby Vicious Circle lounge we discussed their site, talked about their Cambrian House crowdsourcing experience, and drank beer.

You should know AndyDoan agrees with me, that Primer is a great movie. It’s a perfect example of what FilmRiot might have funded, had it been online back in 2004.

Beer, Food and Beer

Then, as if crowd funded indie movie making wasn’t exciting enough, they joined us in our discussion of CyberCerberus’s Sir Kit idea! We debated Android! We kicked another member out of Cambrian House!

And just before I downed my last beer and started a bar-brawl with Blue, Don and Andy (Andy was out quick when a flying pitcher caught him in the back of the head)… we celebrated the worst idea of the week. Truly… it was the Best. Lunch. Ever.

Until next week, see if you can help on CyberCerberus’s Sir Kit’s Adventures in Logic Land, consider what Android can do for mobile applications, cultivate a healthy disdain for your mobile carrier, vote on the latest ideas

And… May the Best Idea… WIN!

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5 Responses to “IdeaWarz Weekly Winner - Sir Kit’s Adventures in Logic Land”

  1. gordonmcdowell Says:

    It has been pointed out there are rendering errors in this video. I’ll re-render and re-upload. Re-fun!

  2. Andy Doan Says:

    Great job Gord! Thanks for including us.

  3. jr Says:

    Thanks for talking to us Andy! It was fun (and an excuse for us to be allowed outside of the office).

  4. Paul Poutanen Says:

    Hey Gord and Sarah

    Great job!

    I have just blogged about Android at http://www.paulpoutanen.com/2007/11/26/androidgoogleiphonesymbiantoo-many-choices/

  5. gordonmcdowell Says:

    Thanks Paul, I’ve got an ANDROID post coming up myself so it was good to get your take on it before going live.

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