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Do you have a green thumb?

To keep this plant alive you don’t need water, just blood, sweat, and tears. Dajackel’s Productivity Plant is a creative way to monitor how much work you actually do. The more you work the better it grows. ‘Test’ out the new dungeons in World of Warcraft and all that that will be left is a brown withered husk.

Our community has some of the most talented people around. Not only is dajackel the winner of the Red Pig Tournament, he’s also a contributing member of the Gwabs Angry Mob. In his spare time he likes to do some Second Life freelancing, or rock out in his band. Since he developed an affinity for Japan when he lived there, I wonder if his plant will be a bonsai?

Dajackel should be seeing plenty of green with the $10,000 he won as the winner of the IdeaWarz Red Pig Tournament. With his seed money he should be able to develop his idea and see it blossom (pun intended).

The Idea:

“A small little desktop application that continuously runs in the background. You set up profiles within it for example, ‘Home’, ‘Work’, etc. Within the profiles you set up different applications under different categories. For example, under your ‘Work’ profile you would set up some games under a negative category, and something such as Visual Studio or Excel under a good profile.
Throughout your day it will monitor which applications you are using, and if you are using all good applications your plant will grow and prosper. If you start using negative applications your plant will start to wither and die.
A lot more could be done from this, for example, the plant could bloom and look different depending on what applications you are using, or even instead of a plant, it could be similar to a ‘Tamagotchi’.”

dajackel’s inspiration behind the idea:

“At home and I should have been working, but, I was reading up on Digg and playing little games. I thought it would be cool if I had a visual indicator of how my work habits were for that day and the first thing that had good ‘withered and dead’ and ‘alive and vibrant’ looks would be a flower.
I think just the fun of trying to keep it alive and kicking would be enough to stop be from clowning off, at least, cut down on it!”

We are thrilled for dajackel and can’t wait for Productivity Plant to hit the platform and begin development.

We also want to congratulate our other finalist Deckard. His idea Location-based MMOG was another favorite that made it to the finals. We look forward to seeing more of his ideas in upcoming tournaments. Good job Deckard.

Besides fame, glory, and praise from fans everywhere, dajackel will win $10,000 in order to help realize his idea. Dajackel will of course also receive the coveted IdeaWarz winner’s t-shirt.

So there you have it folks. Congrats again dajackel and all the best to our future contestants, and may the BEST idea win.

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