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IdeaWarz Weekly Winner - Android Themes - Canadian DMCA

Does your Android handset look drab and boring? Wouldn’t you rather choose from a catalog of exciting themes, instead of the two supplied by Google?

What’s that? You don’t own an Android handset? No one does? There is no demand, what-so-ever?

Well excuuuuuuuuuse us for looking ahead!

One day soon there’ll be a plethora of Androids, all looking drab and theme-less. Those new owners will be Googling for new themes… and Ccozad will be ready. Congratulations Ccozad on being the weekly IdeaWarz winner!

Canadian DMCA

This week I had a bit of an adventure, as about 40 fair-use activists stopped by The Honorable Jim Prentice’s constituency office… he’s the Canadian Federal Industry Minister, and seems to be in charge of copyright reform since the previous Director General of Copyright Policy stepped down for personal reasons.

What would happen? Would he talk to us? Would he release the hounds? Did he own hounds? If he owned hounds, wouldn’t they be kept at his home, and not at his constituency office? Maybe he owned multiple sets of hounds!?!

In fact we didn’t get much face-time with Prentice, but he did make it clear to us that he’d heard from CEOs in the entertainment industry, and felt pressure from our “trading partners”. And that broader public input would be welcome once the bill was tabled in parliament.

“The intent is to put a bill forward and then to get into a constructive process, a parliamentary committee to examine the issues, to hear from people. Anyone here who is interested in speaking to the committee, there is a process where you will be heard.” -Jim Prentice 2007-12-08

I’d prefer to see a bill tabled which guarantees consumer and educational fair-use rights. That solves the problem of orphaned works. And perhaps shortens copyright terms towards the optimal 14 year duration.

Then, after that bill was tabled, a committee could be formed where citizens, fair-use advocates and anti-DRM activists could be heard. What the heck… we could also hear from our trading partners, record labels and copyright lobbyists!

It might still happen, as the bill has now been put on hold, at least until late January. If Jim Prentice is looking for a good example of copyright reform, there’s always Israel. Israeli copyright law has a similar lineage as Canadian copyright law. Yet, when Israel felt pressure from their trading partners to tighten copyright laws, they instead added fair-use provisions, allowed backups and let educational institutions to go nuts with copyrighted materials! American DMCA is not the best lead to follow.

If you’re Canadian (and especially if you are a Canadian named Jim), Michael Geist is a good source for copyright news and learning materials. For Americans of Jim and non-Jim variety, Lawrence Lessig has made very creative recommendations how USA’s copyright laws can be improved.

But I digress!

Blue and Gord Pick Their Favorite Ideas

  • Blue likes: Play For Profit Competitive Sports Video Gaming by VizionQuest

    Gamers challenge one another on a given competitive sports game and play for money. A social network for professional gamers and a neutral third party that distributes the winnings.

  • Gord likes: HyperJot - Crowdsourcing Interactive Videos by ooper

    With reusable scenes you can create a story dynamically. Consider a game with squares, each being a scene with characters. As you make decisions, characters respond and you move to different squares.

  • Blue likes: Social Decisions by ooper

    net version of asking people for personal opinions, with the added feature of weighing pros and cons with a quick way to get real numbers without the noise.

Gord Goes ADHD on Android’s Ass

I couldn’t effectively drive Android idea consolidation or investigate the friend-finder Kevin_Cox pointed out. The CH2 WOC mods need to be completed and checked in first.

If you have any thoughts how my attempts at consolidating overlapping Android ideas can be handed off to the community, fire away! I’ll be more than eager to join in as soon as CH2 has some improvements in the pipeline.

Gmail vs Todd

Many of us at Cambrian House have turned to web clients for our email. And it was hard to miss Google’s “Share your Gmail Story” option which suddenly appeared on our Gmail screens. This not only reminded us how much power Google wields… but how much we like Gmail. So random CH staffers helped us illustrate the magic which is gmail

…and also Blue talks about Paisley. So between Canadian DMCA, Ccozad kicking ass, a goose, a golden egg and a couple blue balls… We have something for everyone in this week’s IdeaWarz video!

Until next Wednesday: Share your ideas. Rate this week’s ideas…

And… May the Best Idea… WIN!

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14 Responses to “IdeaWarz Weekly Winner - Android Themes - Canadian DMCA”

  1. ccozad Says:

    Blue has the pronunciation correct ;) cee-ko-zad :)

    And about hacking online poker… Many moons ago when I was actively trying to win jobs on Rent-a-Coder… it seemed like almost everyday someone was posting a job for someone to write a screen scraper and a bot to play poker based on the screen scraped data.

    Here is an example http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/BidRequests/ShowBidRequest.asp?lngBidRequestId=819299

    Some requests even ask for the bot to be able to make small talk(chat) and have random delays when making plays, so they look like humans. So to everyone out there… online cheating is real and smart people are being paid to create programs to beat your system.

    Never knew what a Paisley was before this video… though now that I know… an easier way to describe it might be “A paisley is the shape of one half of a yen-yang symbol” ;)

    Oh, and thanks for the comments on droidthemes.com Right now Kevin_Cox is going to be working on the site, Randy07 will be working on creating themes and GroundLoad will be working on marketing and we are going to be doing some cross idea pollination with AdBlanks. The domain name has been purchased and the web host should be setup next week.

  2. CyberCerberus Says:

    I’m almost afraid to admit this, but when I was a kid, I read Choose Your Own Adventure books in EXACTLY the same manner that Gord describes, down to the use of all of my fingers to keep track of the previous tree branches.


  3. Gods_Light Says:

    Paisley is a Ying with out the Yang

  4. Darlinglilred Says:

    Love the Christmas tree. But Gord can’t have minions that would ruin me being all special by having Blue as my minion…

  5. Settor97 Says:

    Getting basics like fulltext search, search for tags and comments working reliably would be a huge step forward already. ,

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  8. Stephie Says:

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